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Our son was not a recruited athlete and had been through some different high school experiences. We were not certain how those experiences would affect his college admissions candidacy.

Chris was incredibly helpful. He was objective and thorough in helping us determine a targeted list of colleges. He was extremely responsive to any questions we had about the process—whether it was testing, interviewing, timing, or approach to essays.

Most notably (and importantly), Chris worked with our son almost exclusively around an application strategy (Early Decision combined with Early Action) and with the applications themselves, helping our son to position his high school experiences as unique strengths to college admissions.

Our son, with direction and guidance from Chris, really did all of the heavy lifting.

As parents going through this process for the first time, we were unbelievably stunned and pleased with how smooth and seamless this process was for all of us.

Working with Chris was tremendously valuable—he was honest, forthright, conscientious and organized.

We have a daughter, currently a sophomore, who wants to be a recruited athlete and we will definitely look to Chris for guidance once again in the coming year.

—Parents of Lehigh Early Decision admit

We were referred to Chris by a friend whose son, a hockey player, used Chris’s help to get into his top choice NESCAC school. When it turned out that our son was not going to be a recruited athlete, we decided to continue working with Chris, anyway, believing that his inside knowledge of the elite college admissions process in general would serve us well.

We were right. Chris proved to be a knowledgeable guide with helpful insight on various schools, valuable feedback on our son’s extra-curricular activities and volunteer work, and an inside perspective on what might be possible if our son positioned himself correctly in his application. Chris’s advice on our son’s essay was particularly crucial. And so was his calm, reassuring perspective on the whole college process for us, as parents. He is an excellent, high integrity advisor. His knowledge and approach worked so well that we’ve now engaged him to guide our daughter—the ultimate endorsement.

—Parent of Bowdoin Early Decision admit

After Chris helped our middle son navigate the NESCAC athletic recruiting process and get into Middlebury, we were so impressed by his knowledge of the elite college admission process that we asked him to work with our youngest son, who is not an athlete.

Chris did an exceptional job with our youngest son. He established a great rapport with him, sharing insights, humor and an honest perspective that can be tricky for a parent during the college process. Chris’s understanding of what schools look for and how important the various elements are—from grades to test scores, activities to recommendations—was eye opening. He helped position our son for success and focused on every detail, including the essays, which really stood out. Making no promises, but sharing his enthusiasm for aiming high, Chris helped our son achieve his goal—an ED acceptance to Penn. We can’t thank him enough for his support and guidance. His knowledge, responsiveness and commitment made all the difference. We were lucky to have him on our team!

—Parent of University of Pennsylvania ED admit

We had been referred to Chris by a “sports” family and were not sure how he could help our son, whose main accomplishments were not on the field. Chris spent time to understand what our son wanted to study and narrowed down the list of potential colleges to focus on the schools that offered the right mix of science and liberal arts. This was our first child to go through the college application process and Chris’ experience, insight and calm demeanor helped reassure us that we would end up in a great place.

In addition to helping make sense of the big picture, Chris worked directly with our son on every detail of his applications to make sure he put his best foot forward when completing the common application and individual school essay requirements. Chis laid out expectations and held our son accountable throughout the process.

We engaged Chris very late in the process as we had been counting on guidance from our private school but found we needed additional support. We wish we would have engaged Chris sooner and have already started with our second child to get a jump start on the process.

We believe that with Chris’ help, our son ended up at the perfect school. Thank you Chris.

—Parents of University of Southern California student